location 220905
foto: blackhole-factory

Field recording session and live stream from a pond in the forest near Hann. Münden.

contact microphone on gras
contact microphone on gras, foto: blackhole-factory
contact microphone on tree
contact microphone on tree, foto: blackhole-factory
hydrophone, foto: blackhole-factory
geophone, foto: blackhole-factory
geophone, foto: blackhole-factory
stereo microphone
stereo microphone , foto: blackhole-factory

Ambient Fields – Live At Bonaforth

Ambient Fields live recording220822
Ambient Fields performance in Bonaforth, recorded live August 22, 2022

Ambient Fields – A site-specific soundscape performance as a silent headphone concert

Elke Utermöhlen, Martin Slawig: live processing, live stream
Microphones: stereo microphone, contact microphones, hydrophone, geophone, ultrasound mic (bat detector), electromagnetic sensor


Ambient Fields performance at Südsee Braunschweig

Foto: blackhole-factory
Südsee Braunschweig, recorded live August 23, 2022, mix of 3 snippets
Foto: Sigi Torinus
Foto: Sigi Torinus
Foto: Sigi Torinus

Performance 220822

It was very nice to play at the Fulda lock in Bonaforth. Great weather, beautiful sounds to discover and to play with, some people from the village showed up and enjoyed the atmosphere, and also remote listeners from who knows from where.

Some excerpts of the recording will follow soon.

blackhole-factory: Ambient Fields in Bonaforth
piezo on nettle

Ambient Fields 220817

Short excerpt from today’s pop-up Ambient Field, which was located in a meadow near our home base.
Sounds from this plant captured with a contact microphone and some live processing.