Ambient Fields

A site-specific soundscape performance as a silent headphone concert

blackhole-factory is going on a series of sonic explorations of places – and invites you to join.

Listening to a place… familiar city sounds of people, machines, nature… but also sounds that are not perceptible to the “naked” human ear: sounds from the inside of a tree… in the water… in the ground… insects in the ultrasonic range… electromagnetic fields…

In the performance, these sounds will be captured live, digitally processed in real time, and streamed live for you to hear on-site via your smartphone with headphones.
The electroacoustic soundscape is laid over the known location as a new sonic field….

Bring your own smartphone, headphones, enough battery and data volume for about 60 minutes of audio LiveStream.
No entrance fee.
Date, time and location of the performances will be announced at short notice (also due to weather conditions) here and on facebook and by email newsletter. You can subscribe to our newsletter via the contactform.

For our remote guests who cannot physically attend: the performances will be broadcast live on the internet as an audio stream.

Ambient Fields tests a concept of flexible mobile resource-saving pop-up performances.

  • AmbientFields220905
    location 220905
    foto: blackhole-factory

    Field recording session and live stream from a pond in the forest near Hann. Münden.

    contact microphone on gras
    contact microphone on gras, foto: blackhole-factory
    contact microphone on tree
    contact microphone on tree, foto: blackhole-factory
    hydrophone, foto: blackhole-factory
    geophone, foto: blackhole-factory
    geophone, foto: blackhole-factory
    stereo microphone
    stereo microphone , foto: blackhole-factory

  • Ambient Fields – Live At Bonaforth

    Ambient Fields live recording220822
    Ambient Fields performance in Bonaforth, recorded live August 22, 2022

    Ambient Fields – A site-specific soundscape performance as a silent headphone concert

    Elke Utermöhlen, Martin Slawig: live processing, live stream
    Microphones: stereo microphone, contact microphones, hydrophone, geophone, ultrasound mic (bat detector), electromagnetic sensor

  • AmbientFields220823

    Ambient Fields performance at Südsee Braunschweig

    Foto: blackhole-factory
    Südsee Braunschweig, recorded live August 23, 2022, mix of 3 snippets
    Foto: Sigi Torinus
    Foto: Sigi Torinus
    Foto: Sigi Torinus

  • Performance 220822

    It was very nice to play at the Fulda lock in Bonaforth. Great weather, beautiful sounds to discover and to play with, some people from the village showed up and enjoyed the atmosphere, and also remote listeners from who knows from where.

    Some excerpts of the recording will follow soon.

    blackhole-factory: Ambient Fields in Bonaforth
    piezo on nettle

  • Prep Ambient Fields 220822

    Preparation for the next Ambient Fields performance at the lock on the river Fulda in Bonaforth on Monday, August 22, starting around 6 pm CEST. The link to the live stream will be published shortly before on