Micro 7

„Micro 7“ is the portrait of a morning ritual happening in Santiago de Cuba, in the suburb Micro 7. A seven years old boy, Cesar, receives the symbols of three Orishas, the guerreros, to give him protection and to help him in life.
The ritual happens in the house of his father, the Santero Abelardo Lardué, who is accompanied by a second Santero, taking the part of the Padrino. This is the first initiating ritual starting a long process of further rituals for a person being part oft he Santeria community.
During the several phases of the activity the boy will be washed, Chickens and doves will be sacrificed and at the end Cesar gets three necklaces in the colours of the Orishas.

We recorded the material during a long stay in Santiago, when we collaborated with anthropologist Dr. Jose Millet and Abelardo Lardué, developing a number of installations and performances, documenting and portaying the Santeria community of Santiago de Cuba.

Micro 7 was first released on the Bandcamp album Central American PhoNographic Mornings by Each Morning of the World.

“Chaque matin du Monde” /// “Each morning of the World” – a world soundscape phonographic tour.
Curated by Stéphane Marin.

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