Eisen und Stein

Eisen und Stein (2024)

Exploring the sonic environment of an abandoned industrial hall

Performance, voice, objects: Elke Utermöhlen
Audio recording: Martin Slawig

Fotos: Roberta Bergmann – www.robertabergmann.de
Recorded October 26 + 27, 2011 @Kunstmühle Braunschweig
Mixed and mastered by blackhole-factory, Studio Bonaforth, January 2024

Online release at archive.org January 31, 2024:

Video with an excerpt of the recording

An abandoned factory building with its surprising acoustics
Some objects and fixtures found:
___an iron plate above a shaft
___a brick

Elke works with the found material in the room and lets the tonality of the objects, the reverberation and the physical tension to influence the voice and inspire various “songs”.

_gravel thrown against walls
___boots on gravel, fast movements
____simultaneous actions on an old industrial radiator, voice

__melody fragments, exploring the possibilities of reverb, polyphony and beats
___boots on a wobbly iron plate
_____rhythms, vibrations, in correspondence with the voice
___a brick is moved on an iron plate, pulled, the voice picks up the resulting sound as a basis for singing

The hall is located directly opposite the Kunstmühle in Braunschweig, where blackhole-factory ran their studio for about 10 years.
The buildings used to belong to MIAG, a mill construction company.
During the Second World War, tanks were produced there.
The hall was part of the loading station on the ‘Ringgleis’, an industrial railroad around Braunschweig
The tracks can still be seen.

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