Across The Valley – entangled through movement and sound

A networked performance in collaboration with Marc Sloan.

„Across the Valley“ is a collaborative sound performance connecting remote actors over the internet, like people calling to each other across a wide valley.

Human performers:
Elke Utermöhlen and Martin Slawig (blackhole-factory), Braunschweig/ Bonaforth
Marc Sloan, Easton, Pennsylvania
Non-human performers:
a tree in Bonaforth and the meadow surrounding it
a tree in a garden in Easton.

All players communicate via sounds and data streams.
A sound installation encompassing all three networked spaces has been created, enabling players to perform in every space, even „across the valley“.
Electronic sounds based on data streams and sound objects activated by small motors mix with live-streamed environmental sounds, voices and musical instruments.
A series of online and hybrid performances will be presented from March to May 2022.
All dates and further information will be published here.

Across the Valley.220306 LiveStream
Custom smartphone app as control device
Studio blackhole-factory, Bonaforth, Germany
Studio Marc Sloan, Easton, Pennsylvania
A distant tree plays a cymbal in the studio