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A.O.S.C. - Agents of Synchronicity

A.O.S.C. (Agents of Synchronicity) is an autonomous system of remote networked machine agents transforming the environmental soundscapes at distant places into a collective realtime composition of abstract electronic music.

A.O.S.C. draws on Anthropocenic notions of the autonomous nature of dispersed environmental events, and their repercussions on the world in which we live.

blackhole-factory sent out 5 microphone agents to international places where they are placed outside their hosts houses to listen to the current soundscape. Each agent streams data of the analysis of the sound spectrum over the internet to a computer in the blackhole-factory studio. An algorithm interpretes these data and calculates parameters to control custom-built audio synthesis software. These parameters are streamed back to the agents where the collective music is generated and can be heard.
The agents are designed to survive outside in bad weather conditions. They consist of a RaspberryPI single-board computer in a waterproofed box and a custom built microphone.

actual networked places:
agent06: Bonaforth, Germany – hosted by blackhole-factory
agent02: Lviv, Ukraine – hosted by Ostap Manulyak and Mykhaylo Barabash
agent03: Toronto, Canada – hosted by Rob Cruickshank
agent04: Londrina, Brazil – hosted by Chris Vine
agent05: Sydney, Australia -hosted by Roger Mills

Barbara Slawig, Berlin: host of agent01 – 2016
Ostap Manulyak and Mykhaylo Barabash Lviv, Ukraine: host of agent02 since 2016
Paul Walde, Victoria, Canada: host of agent03 – 2016
Rob Cruikshank, Toronto, Canada: host of agent03 – since 2017
Chris Vine, Londrina, Brazil: host of agent04 since 2016
Roger Mills, Sydney, Australia: host of agent05 since 2016
Martina Leeker, Berlin: dramatic theory
Martin Kroll, Mirko Heinemann, Berlin: documentation 2016

The release Nervensystem on Bandcamp contains excerpts of the live recording of a durational 24 hours performance on april 4-5 2016.


Fall 2015: building and programming of the agents
December 2015: sending out 5 agents to international places
Januar 2016: first agents arrived at their new home, begin of networking.
February 2016: the agents control an installation space in regards of light, sound and the production of 3D printed objects as recordings of the data stream. Public presentation at Studio_A | Kunstmühle Braunschweig
April 4: 24 hours internet live stream over the blackhole-factory website and at festival VOX ECLECTRONICA Lviv Ukraine and the Noiseborder Multimedia Performance Lab (NMPL) Studio A, Lambton Tower, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
August 26: A.O.S.C. – Nervensystem / online release / Bandcamp

With A.O.S.C. blackhole-factory continues the research and exploration of networked systems and their possibilities in performances and installations which started in 2010

A.O.S.C. was funded by Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz, Land Niedersachsen, Stiftung Niedersachsen, Stadt Braunschweig

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