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Der Flug der Seeschwalbe – The Flight Of The Sea Swallow

24 Hour Multimodal telematic performance


Der Flug der Seeschwalbe is a telematic audiovisual improvised performance incorporating live data streams of location, climate and physical movement from networked sensors in Sydney, Braunschweig, and New York. Capturing distributed moments in time as source material for live improvised performances,  each performer will contribute site specific sound, images and text as well as climatic data such as temperature and humidity to the database. These files are then triggered as the networked ensemble moves through the telematic spherical environment by manipulating 3D hands viewable on screen that are responsive to sensor boards in each location.

Performers move between telematic audiovisual spheres containing data from various locations via GPS coordinates. This triggers a collage of audiovisual content for improvised interpretation and response as the ensemble navigates through them. Audiences at Kunstmühle, Braunschweig experience the networked performers moving throughout the 3D tele-environment in improvised performances responding to sound objects as they appear and cluster.

Time schedule

Jan 24 – 9 pm CET
Jan 25 – 3 am CET
Jan 25 – 9 am CET
Jan 25 – 3 pm CET
Jan 25 – 9 pm CET

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Performances will also be available to experience live from Kunstmühle gallery on the Der Flug der Seeschwalbe between Jan 24 – 9 pm CET and Jan 25 – 10 pm CET


Marc Sloan: guitars and electronics
Roger Mills: processed trumpets
Elke Utermöhlen: processed voice (Max/MSP)
Martin Slawig: processed percussion (Max/MSP)
Martin Kroll: Live Camera

blackhole-factory project 2013: Program development Martin Slawig & Elke Utermöhlen.

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