31/08/2009 admin

The Vodú-Tapes / Remix_090924

The Vodú-Tapes / Remix_090924 at festival Theater-Outlet, Braunschweig, september 24, 10 p.m.
The Vodu-Tapes contain audio and video recordings taken in winter 2003/ 04 during a research about Haitian-French traces in Santiago de Cuba in collaboration with anthropologist Jose Millet from the Casa del Caribe in Santiago. During our stay we came in close contact to a family who is part of the vodu community in the city. They invited us to document some ceremonies and situations of daily live.

The performance Remix_090924 is an approach to the energy of those situations by working with raw and processed field recordings.
The performance will be broadcasted as live audio stream on radio aporee. http://radio.aporee.org/

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