14/10/2011 admin

The Situation Is Under Control

“The situation is under control!”

This is always proclaimed when the opposite is true, meant to keep us in a state of inactivity and calmness, although important parts of our every day life are going to break down.
On 2 days in november experts for unstable systems are meeting at Kunstmühle turning off all safety systems while insisting that the situation is under control.
They are showing work in progress, fragments of performances, rough sketches of intermedia work and there will be conversations at the family table.

Dennis Deter, choreographer, performance artist, philosopher, Berlin
Florian Feigl, performance artist, Berlin
Dietrich Oberländer, producer and musician, Braunschweig (artblau Tanzwerkstatt)
Yuliya Semenova, dancer, Ukraine
Zufit Simon, dancer, Israel
Martin Slawig, electronic artist, Braunschweig (blackhole-factory)
Oleg Soulimenko, performance artist and choreographer, Moscow/Vienna
Elke Utermöhlen, sound artist, performance artist, Braunschweig (blackhole-factory)

4 + 5 Nov 8pm Theaterhaus Kunstmühle

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