Ok, so now you have two tabs open in your browser window, i.e. two internet pages, but you only see one of them, because both are open in the same browser window. You can switch between the two pages using the tab bar at the top. But avoid the X 🙂

Use the following link to open a video player in another tab. Once you’ve done that, use the tab bar at the top to go back here to the Test_Live page.

Video Stream


With the following link you can open the interactive playground in a new tab, but please read on first:
With the mouse, go to the newly created tab ‘Test_MiraWeb’ in the tab bar at the top. Click on the tab, hold it and drag the mouse down a bit. This creates a small ‘ghost image’ on the mouse. When you release the mouse, a new browser window is created from the tab. Now you have to resize this window (using the arrow tool, remember) so that you only see the graphic and not the background. Then drag the window to the right side of the screen so that you can see the original window again.

Try it now and then come back here.

Navigation Interface


If this has worked so far, go to the tab ‘Test_VideoStream’ at the top of the tab bar to make the video visible.
Now arrange the video window and the MiraWeb window on your screen so that you can see them both clearly. You don’t need to see the Test_Live page and the Test page. But you can always bring them to the front by using the tab bar at the top.

That’s it. You are now ready for performance!