Great to see you!

To participate in Amalie’s Land, you need to be able to execute certain commands with your internet browser. What may be a routine operation for some is sometimes unfamiliar or even completely new territory for others.
If you don’t know exactly what a tab is, how to create a new window from a tab, how to move and resize windows, then you are in the right place to practice this.

First, please check if there is a new version of your browser. If so, please update it and come back here.

This page is opened in a window of your browser. This window should not be maximized or in full screen mode, i.e. it should not take up the whole screen of your computer. If it is maximized, you can change it in Windows by clicking the minimize button in the upper right corner. On the Mac you move the mouse to the top of the screen. Then the menu bar will appear and you will see a green dot on the left that you can use to exit full screen mode.

Now you should see the current tab at the top of the browser bar: ‘Test – blackhole-factory’.
Next to it is an X, please don’t click on it because you will close the tab, i.e. you will close the page.

If you click on the bar next to the tab and drag it with the mouse you can move the browser window on your screen.

Click into the window to make sure it is the active window. If you then move the mouse slowly over the right edge of the window, the mouse pointer changes to a double arrow. If you now click and drag you can change the width of the window, the content of the page should always adjust automatically.
You can do the same at the bottom of the window to change the height of the window, and at the bottom right corner to change the width and height at the same time.

When you have done this, open a new page using the link below. (But read on before you do that!) This new page will open in another tab, which means it will overlay this page here and you will only see the new one. At the same time there is a new tab at the top of the menu bar with the title ‘Test_Live – blackhole-factory’.
To get back to this page, click on the ‘Test’ tab at the top.
With the two tabs you can switch between the two pages. But please do not click on the X!
Try it out!

Now click on the link, the exercise will continue on the new page: