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In September we’ve been invited to take part at LOLA Festival in London, Ontario to show our project ‘Talking Walls’, an ongoing collaboration with videoartist Sigi Torinus (USA) and painter José Seoane (Cuba), both living in Canada.
We started this collaboration in 2002 in Santiago de Cuba, doing audiovisual outdoor performances, continuing in Germany in 2004, then 2006 at the 9th Bienal de La Habana in Cuba.

For LOLA we did different kinds of research about the city of London and the dry goods district we were located with our performance (Dundas Street beside the Kingsmill building). Sigi found a lot of visual material at the London museum and did interviews about the developement of the city. José prepared google earth images and during the performance he worked with his ‘cuban photoshop’, a custom-built machine for multilayering natural material like wood or water with found objects, painting and live camera.

Elke did the sound, using objects from the stores at the performance space like spokes for bicycle, some metal stuff and waste to process it in a max/msp patch. Martin used images from a web search, live microscope images from found objects and a text reading machine in a max/msp-jitter patch.

some more fotos are here http://www.flickr.com/photos/blackhole-factory/sets/72157602130718055/

We also did artist talks at the University of Western Ontario in London and the School of Visual Arts in Windsor.
On our way back we passed Detroit.



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