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We are very proud to announce the release of
Ethernet Orchestra – a radio feature by Mirko Heinemann

This is a 2 hours radio piece. It presents live recordings of five concerts done by Ethernet Orchestra during the past 18 months. The band members give background informations and personal reports about the idea and the experience playing in networked improvisations.

With this collection it is possible for the first time to get an overview over the creative exchange and to listen to the wide range of beautiful and exciting music of this extraordinary musical project.

blackhole-factory is happy about the possibility to produce this piece in collaboration with Mirko Heinemann, a great journalist, who did reports on our work already in other situations.

Thanks to DEGEM radio for hosting the show in their series Sounds only, streaming it 2 times a day in Dezember 2011 and Januar 2012

Ethernet Orchestra – a radio feature by Mirko Heinemann

Ethernet Orchestra is an Internet based networked music ensemble founded by musician and writer Roger Mills, exploring cross-cultural improvisatory collaboration through telematic audio platforms. The ensembles live performances occur in both physical and virtual spaces, and often include collaborations with networked live cinema artists mixing visual montages to the networked stream.  The core members of the ensemble  play an array of cross-cultural instruments including Turkish oud & bendir,  Mongolian horse fiddle and throat singing, guitar, trumpet, sax, voice and electronic processing. Recent live performances include Kunstmuehle Gallery, Braunschweig, Germany, O-Town Sound, New York and Bon Marche Studio, University of Technology, Sydney.

Members are
Roger Mills: processed trumpet (Sydney, Australia)
Chris Vine: git, key (Londrina, Brazil)
Bukhchuluun Ganburged: Mongolian Horse fiddle and throat singing (Sydney, Australia)
Yavuz Uydu: Oud, Bendir (Sydney, Australia)
Shaun Premnath: tabla (Sydney, Australia)
Richard Lainhart: Buchla Synth (New York, USA)
Peyman Sayyadi: Persian Tanbour (Montreal, Canada)
Elke Utermöhlen: Voice, live processing (Braunschweig, Germany)
Martin Slawig: Objects, live processing (Braunschweig, Germany)
Herve Perez: Saxophone (Sheffield, United Kingdom)

Mirko Heinemann is a german journalist based in Berlin. He works for different radio stations such as Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur, WDR and writes for several newspapers and magazines. He already did reports on activities of the German artist’s group blackhole-factoy in Ramallah/Palestine. For him the musical projects of the Ethernet Orchestra are a door to new aspects of intercultural communication.

schedule december 2011 + january 2012:
monday: 10am + 10pm
tuesday: 8am + 8pm
wednesday: 6am + 6pm
thursday: 4am + 4pm
friday: 2am + 2pm
saturday: 0am and 0pm
sunday: 6am + 6pm
All times are CET Central European Time ==  UTC + 1 hour
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Kunstmuehle Live Mic @ Locustream SoundMap

The live stream of the Kunstmühle sound environment is now part of the Locustream SoundMap | Live Worldwide Open Microphones of

Locus Sonus is a research group specialized in audio art. It is organized as a post graduate lab by the Art Schools of Aix en Provence (ESAA) and Bourges (ENSA) in France.

In the moment the Locustream is only possible in mono. Our Safari browser here doesn’t like to stream it, but Firefox does!
Furthermore we are still streaming in stereo over, although the server stops every now and then.

Our microphone now has a windshield build from a colander and silk stocking:

Ethernet Orchestra @Kunstmühle

September 25 2011 • 2pm CEST

Ethernet Orchestra live at Kunstmühle Braunschweig
radio concert for col-me Radio Bratislava

From September to November 2011, Ethernet Orchestra is on an international tour in which members of the ensemble perform locally and remotely at a range of events incorporating live musicians in each location.

As a part of this tour Roger Mills, australian musician, composer and founder of Ethernet Orchestra is visiting us for a concert at Kunstmühle. This is our first physical meeting after nearly 2 years of online collaboration and remote performances.
Chris Vine and Yavuz Uydu will play remotely from Londrina and Sydney.

live in Braunschweig:
Roger Mills – processed trumpet
Elke Utermöhlen – voice, live processing
Martin Slawig – objects, live processing

online in Sydney: Yavuz Uydu – oud, bendir
online in Londrina, Brasil: Chris Vine – guitar

live stream at radio col-me Bratislava:: 2 pm German time == CEST

check out your local time here

Distant Presences II

Photo: blackhole-factory
Ethernet Orchestra • Distant Presences II • Sunday 14th November, 2010
11.30 am Germany UTC+1 CET  / 10.30 am UK / Sydney 9.30cpm UTC+11  EST.
Check your local time – World Clock
“Distant Presences” is an improvised sound work which reflects the nature and aesthetic of the ensembles dispersed interaction. As divergent musical cultures meet in improvisation, the work is a meditation on the multifarious nature of location and being. It forms part of an ongoing series of networked improvisations curated by for “Explorations in Sound” Vol 4.
Ethernet Orchestra is the research project of Roger Mills at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney. It is an investigation of networked improvisation, examining cognition, intercultural collaboration and learning in networked audio platforms.
Braunschweig, Germany
Elke Utermoehlen – Voice, Max/MSP
Martin Slawig – Objects, Max/MSP
Edward Filipp – Percussion
New York, USA
Richard Lainhart – Buchla
Sydney, Australia
Yavuz Uydu – Turkish Oud and Bendir
Roger Mills – Processed Trumpets
Munich, Germany – Helen Varley Jamieson
London, United Kingdom – Graziano Milano.
Sydney, Australia – Neil Jenkins.
This performance will performed live to an audience at the Kunstmuehle in Braunschweig, Germany, and broadcast online at
live video stream at
Roger Mills is an international composer, sound artist and writer whose practice and research focuses on networked improvisation, sound installation and experimental radio.
Credits include a Golden Eye award for contrapuntal radio performance Idea of South (Sydney), score for BAFTA award winning dance performance At Swim Two Boys by Earthfall, UK and album production and performances with Turkish singer Mircan Kaya.
Ahmet Yavuz Uydu is a multi instrumentalist from Adana, Turkey with background in Turkish classical singing. Based in Sydney, he composes for both film and television and
performed with Haluk Levent, Kirac, Sibel Can & Rafet El Roman on their Australian tour. He plays Oud, Bendir, Cumbus and Electric Bass.
Richard Lainhart is an award-winning composer, filmmaker, and author – a digital artisan who works with sonic and visual data. Since childhood, he’s been interested in
natural processes such as waves, flames and clouds, in harmonics and harmony, and in creative interactions with machines, using them as compositional methods to present
sounds and images that are as beautiful as he can make them. He has performed in public approximately 2500 times, and has been making music for 40 years.
Helen Varley Jamieson is a writer, theatre-maker and digital artist from New Zealand. She has a Master of Arts (research) investigating her practice of cyberformance – live
performance on the internet. She has created solo and collaborative performances (online and off-line), and since 2003 managed the web-based cyberformance platform UpStage.
Elke Utermoehlen is a performance artist, director and sound artist. Co-founder and actress of the german/peruvian Ensemble La Otra Orilla, at that time intensely involved in expanded intercultural exchange. She works with live electronics and computers,
developes research based or/and site specific installations. She plays improvised music: experimental use of voice in combination with realtime processing software and found
objects. Since 2001 director of “TiG – Theater im Glashaus”, an ensemble of performers with intellectual disability.
Eddie Filipp is a drummer and percussionist, born in Poland and based in Germany since 1980. He is a professional musician since 23 years, played on more than 50 albums and touring all over Europe with Andy Scotts Sweet, Inga Rumpf, Mike Harrison, Alex Conti, Sweety Glitter, Orange Blue, Such a Surge, Tony Lakatos, Nils Tuxen, Dave Goodman and many more.
Martin Slawig is a musician and audio visual artist. He works with custom built instruments, objects, field recordings and custom software for realtime processing. Development of sound and video installations, compositions and stage design for
theatres, co-director of Theater im Glashaus, a group of performers with intellectual disability. International performances and exhibitions.