Bonaforth railway tunnel

tunnel near Bonaforth inside
Photo: blackhole-factory

There is a small tunnel under a railway near a small german village named Bonaforth. The tunnel has a very special atmosphere and a strange resonance to certain frequencies. It is about 35 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and the height changes from about 3 meters at one side to  1,5 meters at the other side.

There are two recordings on the radio aporee map.

The first is a slow walk-through making noise and wearing in-ear-microphones. In this recording a strange resonance can be heard really clear.

For the second recording we used a pair of shotgun microphones: one (right channel) placed at one entrance pointing to the outside forest, the second one (left channel) is placed on the other entrance pointing into the tunnel.

tunnel near Bonaforth recording
Photo: blackhole-factory

tunnel near Bonaforth outside
Photo: blackhole-factory

field recordings near Bonaforth

In the last few weeks we went for several walks  in the forest and captured some sounds, mostly focussing on water sounds at little creeks and ponds. The area is relatively quiet with not so many roads around, but from time to time you can hear some traffic noise and an airplane in the background.

You can listen to them on the radio aporee website

Bruchwald am Gahrenberg, pond, late afternoon

Mühlbach, Gutsbezirk Reinhardswald

Höllegrundsbach bei Bonaforth

Osterbach, Reinhardswald, Deutschland, Hydrophone