Marc Sloan Reel to Real Vol. 1

Marc Sloan Reel to Real Vol. 1

We are very proud and happy to be part of the actual international music project by our long time friend and collaborator Marc Sloan. The project focuses on the changes and possibilities of artistic collaboration over distances in times of Corona.

Our contribution to the album is entitled ‘Rufe über das Tal’ (Calls over the valley).

The fresh printed CDs just arrived at Marc’s studio and we are looking forward to get some copies.

Check out the online release on Marc’s bandcamp site.

There is also a trailer available on YouTube!

Elke Utermöhlen – voice • Martin Slawig – asian bell, electromagnetic wave detector, live processing • Marc Sloan – drums and bass



Residency in Sydney

During october 2015 blackhole-factory stays as Artists in Residence in Sydney as guests of SOPA Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Our special thanks to Tony Nesbitt

The place:

The Armory - building 20
foto: blackhole-factory

Newington Armory in the Sydney Olympic Park is an old magazine for gunpowder and later high explosive ammunition for the army until it was changed into a public park for the Olympic Games in the year 2000
More information about this heritage area

Here we are:

foto: blackhole-factory

We are staying in a beautiful cottage in the park, in a fantastic and peaceful environment. Working in a spectacular studio in building 20 of the Newington Armory. The old storage for weapons has its special atmosphere and great acoustique. A perfect place for our research on the new piece “Die Erschütterung der Welt”, which will be shown in Braunschweig by February 2016.
We are setting up the wireless sensor network for the project and testing different modes of integrating it into the stagework.

Newington Amory building 20
foto: blackhole-factory

studio in the Armory
foto: blackhole-factory

Beside our research work we are doing a lot of public activities. See the timetable here:

Oct 2: Hacking the Stage – lecture about blackhole-factory concepts of work at CCS in the University of Technology in Sydney

UTS Sydney
foto: blackhole-factory

Oct 3-5 and 17-18: we present some installations in the studio for the public.
Workshops are being held In collaboration with the Sydney based arts collective tranSTURM and musician Roger Mills about the common work under the title “Waterline”.
In the exhibition we show “The Flight of the Seaswallow” as an interactive installation, fragments of the work with the wireless sensor network, our “CamBot” and some other sound experiments.

foto: blackhole-factory

Oct 7: Martin Slawig live playing with the Ethernet Orchestra at Parramatta Lanes Festival. The concert being planned for Oct 9 had to be cancelled because of a protest demonstration on the streets against a mosque in Parramatta.

Oct 8 blackhole-factory played SnakeRiverDream as a live set at FBI-Radio ‘Ears Have Ears’ as guests of Brooke Olsen.

Oct 21-22: a series of workshops happens as a part of the Youth Eco Summit (YES) in the Olympic Park.

Oct 28: Ethernet Orchestra concert. After years of playing networked concerts blackhole-factory and the Sydney based members of the Ethernet Orchestra are meeting for the first time  live on stage: Roger Mills, Yavuz Uydu, Bukhchuluun Ganburged, Shaun Premnath + streamed from Londrina Brazil: Chris Vine

Ethernet Orchstra @ People's Republic Sydney
Foto: blackhole-factory

Documentations of the residency can be found here:
Flickr Page

ClubInstabil 5.2013


Here are some beautiful photos courtesy of Timo Hoheisel. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Photo: Timo Hoheisel
Photo: Timo Hoheisel

from left to right
Martin Slawig: a/v live processed objects
Ken Aldcroft: guitar
Elke Utermöhlen: voice + live processing
Peter M. Glantz: sampling-instruments

Photo: Timo Hoheisel
Photo: Timo Hoheisel

Photo: Timo Hoheisel
Photo: Timo Hoheisel

Peter M. Gantz

Photo: Timo Hoheisel
Photo: Timo Hoheisel

Elke Utermöhlen

Photo: Timo Hoheisel
Photo: Timo Hoheisel

Ken Aldcroft

Photo: Timo Hoheisel
Photo: Timo Hoheisel

Martin Slawig

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