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cooperation with Abelardo Lardouet (Santero) and Dr. José Millet (Casa del Caribe)
Santiago de Cuba
December 2001 – February 2002

The installation SANTERO is showing fragmented reflections of the afrocuban culture in Santiago de Cuba.
The visitor will find himself in the middle of festivities,  ceremonial activities or everyday situations in the life of the Santero and his family. These situations are being shown without comment. The visitors will have to find their own way through the labyrinth of stories, faces, melodies, sounds and activities.
The Installation is formed by a room of 2.5 X2.5 meters, which can be entered by always one person alone. Three walls are showing different combinations of video sequences, fotos and text from interviews. A camera in the ceiling works as a sensor to notice movement and positions of the visitor and use the information to control pictures and sound. In the entrance it is possible to stay and just watch the materials moving without being influenced. By changing positions in the room it is possible to get closer to the stories, as if you were asking questions, to get more combined informations, to be „in“ the situation. Here the time slows down, points of view change, connections between people are getting clearer. The visitor is moving through a system of nonlinear lines of stories. By his movements he is able to combine fragments, which come together talking about complexe situations. The system will choose a different entrance-situation for every entering person. So each visitor will come to see a personal construction of the materials, which is not possible to repeat.
We also built a version with a smaller setup: all images are projected on one sceen and a subsonic sensor is used for interaction.

Festival del Caribe 2003 in Santiago de Cuba – we opened the room so that everybody can look inside:

different setup for FILE Sao Paulo 2004: