Sanok Songlines

Sanok Songlines
Foto: blackhole-factory

Sanok Songlines is an interactive audio/video installation dealing with the concept of time, memory and orientation. A space that shows a virtual map of the region around Sanok as a double screen video projection, combined with sound. Fragments of traditional folklore and everyday culture resulting of a collection of fieldrecordings, video and sound documents are embedded in the map.
“Walking” with the mouse cursor, the visitors are able to evoke and remix those materials. Each dot on the projected image contains 2 layers of images and 1 layer of sound.
The constantly moving background is created by slitscan technique, the sound is getting mixed dependent on the distance of the cursor to the surrounding dots.
Sanok Songlines is a project of blackhole-factory in co-operation with AudioTong Foundation (Krakow) and Lukasz Szalankiewicz (Sanok/ Krakau) for Mediawave Festival Sanok, Poland, July 2008 and was exhibited at BWA Galeria Sanocka, Poland and in november 09 at AudioArt festival Krakow


Concept, production, programming, sound and video:
Elke Utermöhlen, Martin Slawig
project coordination in Sanok and Krakau: Lukasz Szalankiewicz
Special thanks to the singers of Widymo ( for participating in the project.
Sanok Songlines has been supported by Niedersaechsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur, Stiftung für deutsch-polnische Zusammenarbeit, Goethe-Institut Krakau