“Erholungsgemeinschaft—Neuthymen by blackhole-factory/ms is a new release by Martin Slawig, a German composer, performer, audio visual artist, percussionist and programmer. This new work is a 8 track album spreading various forms of electronic music, with the presence, in the same time, of programming and improvising elements. The mood is basically severe and abstract, as the track titles suggests, but the result is quite fascinating. The true meaning of what I call “experimental”. Highly recommended. ”
Raffaele Pezzella – Unexplained Sounds Group


Der Flug der Seeschwalbe: Mirko Heinemann, Deutschlandfunk, Corso (article and podcast) Jan 24 2014
Der Flug der Seeschwalbe: Braunschweiger Zeitung Jan 17 2014


TranceCodeDancers: Braunschweiger Zeitung Dec 17 2012


Trans4m Orchestra:
Vertreten ist die blackhole-factory im Festivalzentrum zudem mit einem gelungenen Beitrag zur Ausstellung “Über Reste”: Der interaktiven Dokumentation zu “trans4m orchestra” – einem deutsch-palästinensischen Kunstprojekt zu Müll- und Abwasserproblematik, das 2007 in Ramallah unter Leitung der blackhole-factory stattfand.
Mannheimer Morgen September 2009

Restmetall at Ostrava Days:
BlackHole-Factory is a German audiovisual/performance collective that serves as the umbrella for over sixteen different projects that its three members work within. Restmetall focusses on using found objects to create both the sound and the visuals for a real-time live-animation mix-down crunchtogether. Everything is created and transformed during the performance: you see a sound made, hear it, then hear a refraction of it; you see Elke Utermoehlen put her hands on the table under the video camera, then take them off, yet there they remain onscreen. Simple overlappings of remembered events and live actions created rich disjunctions for the mind to munch on. At one point, an image of Elke’s hand appeared amid grainy layers of yellow and green light on the screen. With her fingers pointed down and cut off at the wrist, the fingers jumped up from the surface in what looked like a birdfoot dance with alien gang-signs. It was nice to see her and her partner-in-performance, Martin Slawig, smiling during the set, clearly enjoying themselves in the process of making what many folks consider dry abstraction. ‘Difficult’ music is fun! Slawig looked like a combination between the Harold Ramis of Ghostbusters and Moe from The Simpsons, and even shared a similar kind of joint M.O. — serving up futuristic cocktails to transport beings from one dimension to another. If you’re familiar with the outstanding real-time video work of Carole Kim, Restmetall shares that kind of sensibility.
Andrew Choate, facsimile magazine november 2009 –


Chatham Whitespace: Buj, Lorenzo. (2008). Whitespace, Chatham, Ontario: Thames Art Gallery


trans4m orchestra:
Mirko Heinemann: Beyond the Wall, Nafas Art Magazine, ifa
‘Das Parlament’ (in german)
‘taz’ (in german)
‘Berliner Zeitung’ (in german)
Margo Sabella: this week in Palestine
‘Deutschlandradio Kultur’ (in german)


Utilizando la technologia como medio de expresion artistica, hay creadores que han realizado propuestas donde sus cuerpos han sido incorporados a la experiencia digital, digamos que han desarrollado una obra por computadoras, donde el protagonista es el querpo. Un ejemplo de originalidad, de sagacidad y de ingenio en el tratamiento del tem, y que es una obra elaborada con la ayuda de medios digitales, es el trabajo de Elke Utermoehlen, a quien tuvimos la oportunidad de ver en Cuba. Esta performer es ademas cantante y suele trabajar en compania de Martin Slawig, un excelente percusionista y compositor. Ella hace interactuar el cuerpo humano y los objetos. En sus actuaciones Elke crea, mediante sensores conectados a una computadora, imagenes en pantalla que reflejan los sonidos que produce, por ejemplo, golpeando una plata metallica. Los videos quedan como documento de lo acontecido en el performance. La imagen visual, producto del sonido, es registrada y reproducida al mismo tiempo. Es una obra que integra muy naturalmente el mundo de los sonidos y del imagenes. Esta fusion resulta organica porque se da como consecuencia logica de su estructura, no se produce a la fuerza, no es un montaje, no es algo teatral.
Centro Cultural Pablo De La Torriente Brau, Numero 67 Especial dedicado al VII Salon y Coloquio International de Arte Digital, Julio del 2005, Ciudad de la Habana


“Feedback” by blackhole-factory the performance was definitely unique, although quite fascinating the performance incorporates many forms of mediums of song, computers, acting, and music to produce a distinctive melodious sound. The performance was a genuine crowd pleaser, an extremely daring and impressive demonstration to say the least.
Marlon Skyers,


blackhole-factory used a suspended metal plate that hung center stage with the purpose of acting as both a projection screen for the “raw images” of the broadcast as well as a percussion instrument which Elke manipulated to create a range of intriguing sounds. Watching Elke pound herself against the metal plate while being drenched in a slew of “deconstructed and reconstructed” still frame images of her own limbs brought about mental images of struggle (that’s what I thought about at least.) The piece, entitled Feedback, transformed a woman and metal plate into a “complex instrument” and a hell of a stage show.
Melissa Ray, the Lance, Windsor, Canada


Based on their highly interesting aesthetics of noise and its manipulation, these two musicians have created audiopieces of a very special kind. Soundscapes and dense atmospheres of noise are generated using live sampling and electronic editing devices. … this unusual concert at the Kunstverein was an inducement to give more attention to the sounds and the music of everyday life.
Christiane Maass, in Nordwest-Zeitung, Oldenburg


…created a sound substance concentrating attention of auditorium on magnetical effect of trance. Connection of technology with primitive material, pentatonic singing based on the melizmat of oriental lament was authentic sign of the present time.
Joanna Bobowska, Dziennik Polski, Poland


…very interesting impression, even it was not connected with optimistic relations. Electronic sounds mixed with the singing and other sound reflections created the image of the psychodelic visions of the XXI century trans.
Jowita Dziedzic, Gazeta W Krakowie, Poland


The highly impressive soundscape installation demonstrates in a very characteristic way the dependence of perception on recollection …
Prof. Dr. Hinderk Emrich, neurophysiologist, Hannover from FLAMBOYANT, Schriften zum Theater, Koeln


…a highly transparent, instructive, and accessible experience demonstrating to the senses how computer generated sounds can be combined with live performance and the use of natural materials.
Harald Begusch,Wien, from FLAMBOYANT, Schriften zum Theater, Koeln


Beyond the Known
Linking the sounds of natural materials and their electronic expansions, the performers create a space made of sound …This installation is a world obeying its own laws, demanding a higher degree of wakefulness than everyday reality, manifest especially in the heightened sensitivity of the tactile as related to the acoustic capacities. By reconstructing in an alien and irritating way the well-known bond between an action and its resonance, this installation invites reflection on the fragility of all acts of communication in everyday life. By enforcing slowness … these irritating experiences leave room for new perceptions, associations, images etc.
Lambert Blum, Berlin, from FLAMBOYANT, Schriften zum Theater, Koeln


Music for your private disaster movie
Neue Westfaelische Zeitung


Sound lab experiments full of fascinating contrasts. Improvisation meets composition. Simple materials on one side: water, sand, rocks, iron. Massed technology on the other: contact microphones, distorters, delays, feedback, echo, atmospheric straightforward rhythms into complex sound structures acting like a roller coaster drive through the insides of a transistor radio.
Thomas Bunjes, Kieler Nachrichten


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