About Brooklyn

post industrial noise
Speculations about found objects: Leftovers of industrial production, parts of machines, fragments are being examinated live on stage.
Physical actions with the objects and the use of contact microphones, cameras and a microscope are generating sounds and visuals, which are transformed and processed during the performance. Therefore we use 2 wii remote controllers, different sensors and live audio/ video processing software based on max/msp jitter.
All audio and visual materials are created live during the performance.
Performers, objects and sound are merging with layers of projection.

videos at vimeo:
____ restmetall#1
____ restmetall#2
____ restmetall#3
____ restmetall#4

photos @ Flickr

performances up to now:

Galerie KUB, Leipzig
festival ‘redefine work’ @work network Sophiensaele Berlin
filmfestival ueberarbeiten’ Wolfenbuettel
performance art festival ‘the story of work’ @work network Copenhagen, Denmark
‘Nacht der Arbeit’ DGB Braunschweig
‘the Tel Aviv Modern Music Festival’ Tel Aviv, Israel
presentation at UWO University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
presentation at School of Visual Arts, Windsor, Canada
Allgemeiner Konsumverein Braunschweig
Haarwerk Braunschweig
Resistance Festival, Riddarhyttan, Sweden
LOT-Theater, Braunschweig
Hypersonica/ FILE Sao Paulo, Brasil
Ostrava Days, Ostrava, Czech Rep.
festival ‘Wunder der Prärie’, Mannheim, Germany
festival ‘Theater-Outlet’, Braunschweig

Restmetall was funded by Land Niedersachsen, Stadt Braunschweig

produced 2007


About Brooklyn

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