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Already finishing. Today we go to set everything up in the Ottoman Court, beautiful historic building near the citycenter. Yesterday Meike Jansen was joining the day with us in the Young Artists Forum. there she could meet the activists in the project. we had some good conversations about the work and also about the living situation of our palestinian collegues. it is different to really be here – well, we all know that –
standing on real streets, talking to real persons, that means we come to views we never get from newspapaers and tv- and having some good friends here now we never more can think about palestine without faces in our mind and the memory of sharing some impressive moments.
a productive day, all the objects have got ready. now we can go to set up.

in this project all of the participants have been confronted with unexpected and unknown situations. those who stayed joined intensive days
right at the beginning we were shocked by the number of people coming to the kick-off meeting. there were 5 gaza based artists waiting for a permit to come or for the video conference. then we met about 12 students and 6 professional artists from Ramallah, together with Diana Mardi, the journalist who would accompany the work.
after short time the group was shrinking – waste is not a topic many poeple dare to touch with their hands.
in Gaza stayed 4 artists – Maha Issa, Mohamed Harb, Shareef Sarhan and Mohammed Mussallam. Yesterday their objects and photos have been brought here by somebody of the french cultural institute.
in Ramallah we spent most of the time with 2 students, Bashar Zarour and Imam Al Hasnya, who also went to all the excursions and fieldstudies. 3 more came to work in the afternoon.
From the professional artists stayed Majdi Hadid spending a lot of time in the studio, Ahmad Nassar and Diana Mardi. Some came visiting from time to time, but did not really get involved in the material and the process. this nucleus in Ramallah, built by 11 people including martin, martin and elke, found a good way to collaborate, discuss and create together. unfortunately the contact with the artists from gaza was difficult, but at least we will see their statements to the exhibition now.
tomorrow during the opening there is another video conference being planned so we can meet them again.


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