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slowly ideas get formed. the different sub-projects are developing. exhibition will take place at the Ottoman Court in Ramallah, sunday 28th. opening at 7 p.m. – and stay for a week. Then it goes travelling. concrete dates are not yet fixed. Mirko is arriving now. he is on the way to American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem. there he will be picked up by Ramzi, the driver of Goethe-Institut, who also went with us to all the dump sites and other excursions. it is a special experience coming from the comfortable Hotel to the wall and cross the checkpoint to Ramallah. a rapid change in sights and atmosperes.

the first part of the interactive map we are constructing is getting ready. some of you might know the „mappingBS“ installation we did last year. the map we construct here is based on this model, but much more elaborated. it will show parts of the palestinian map in different scales. and it will include video sequences, photographs and a huge collection of sounds the whole group recorded during the project time. Mainly it will offer a sound walk in palestine, from time to time giving a short view into the places we visited. if it is possible we will show a part of it also here. Visitors can do this walk on the map by help of a computer-mouse. The map is projected and all manipulations are visible there. so you know, where you are walking. Sounds and visuals can be found on the map as red dots, put where the material comes from originally. and if you move between these dots, you get a combination of the closest sounds.

that´s what we put together with all the artists, letting the map talk in its own language. talking about palestine and about waste. project´s name stays trans4mOrchestra – waste Palestine. in the exhibition we will show also a number of objects or smaller installations which originate in the collection of waste material from the dump sites. the studio gets every day more smelly, but more complex in stories and things. there is a wall being built as a reconstruction of a cave, the young workers on the Yatta dump showed us. you can see the photo of it. one is developing a dirt shop, looking like the street shops, but containing trash. sound recordings of streetseller will be added. there is a dinner table made of trash and a hanging man, reminding of the tarot card – seing the world upside down. much more. the room will be dark and things only have a light glow to be observed. today we are working on this lighting system.

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