trans4m orchestra oct 22

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]now we have been some days digging in the waste dumps around. sometimes thought we got used to the smell, but after a while it gets hard. some of our our palestinian collegues are really tough, especially the students like Imam and Bashar. 17 years old brave guys, good company in a lot of adventures. but also they start to complain today. maybe it is difficult to imagine what we experienced the last days walking in waste dumps. talking to children who work there every day. some of them showed us their secret places and instructed us how to dig out interesting things – we made a huge collection of materials like shoes, kitchen stuff, bones… and there are some interesting sub-projects arising from these experiences in the group. the main group is built now by about ten people. the youngest one is 14, Rafat, who has his own strong plan for the exhibition. a diverse group of people and so we have good discussions about our common materials. we will show you later some pictures from the caves in the dump, the artists group and people we met. today again we had a video conference with the gaza based artists. they will not get a permit to come to ramallah, but they will send their works to the exhibitions opening on sunday. it is a pity that we cannot meet personally as it would be interesting to share experiences and thoughts. tomorrow arrives mirko heinemann here, a german journalist, good friend of Martin Kroll. he will make a reportage and stay with us until the opening. Mirko and Kroll will travel to gaza on thursday, meet the artists there and bring their materials to ramallah. we are still in the young artists forum now. surrounded by the trash collection. the room looks interesting now. i close this now, want to go to the hotel and have a shower. maybe tomorrow we find the time to post some new photos.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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