Mantis Machine

Mantis Machine is exploring dark sonic territories between silence and noise, trance states and visions of the post-anthropocene.
Singing and percussion as pure human expressions merge with sounds of electromagnetic fields and computer live processing.

Humans are linear beings and they find it incredibly difficult to think truly exponentially. We can only achieve this if we learn to experience this way of thinking exclusively with our senses.
A Mantis Machine Show is not a concert in the conventional sense, but a partial excerpt of a cascaded time wave, of which we again only see a tiny section.

Elke Utermöhlen – voice, field recordings, processing
Peter M. Glantz – metal percussion, effects
Martin Slawig – objects, processing
Mantis Cellular Automaton – light

Mantis Machine @Kunstmühle | Studio_A December 2017 – short video excerpt

Mantis Machine is a collaboration with Peter M. Glantz, composer and musician based in Braunschweig.