30/06/2012 admin

field recordings near Bonaforth

In the last few weeks we went for several walks  in the forest and captured some sounds, mostly focussing on water sounds at little creeks and ponds. The area is relatively quiet with not so many roads around, but from time to time you can hear some traffic noise and an airplane in the background.

You can listen to them here on the radio aporee website

[iframe_loader src=”http://aporee.org/maps/export/?lat=51.430170&lng=9.584810&zoom=17&type=s&locid=13693&title=Bruchwald%20am%20Gahrenberg%2C%20Gutsbezirk%20Reinhardswald%2C%20Deutschland” height=”300″ width=”400″] ____________________________________

[iframe_loader src=”http://aporee.org/maps/export/?lat=51.424280&lng=9.567064&zoom=17&type=s&locid=13791&title=M%C3%BChlbach02%2C%20Gutsbezirk%20Reinhardswald%2C%20Deutschland” width=’400′ height=’300′ ] ____________________________________

[iframe_loader src=”http://aporee.org/maps/export/?lat=51.398411&lng=9.609753&zoom=15&type=s&locid=13659&title=Bonaforth%2C%20H%C3%B6llegrundsbach%2C%20Deutschland” width=’400′ height=’300′ ] ____________________________________

[iframe_loader src=”http://aporee.org/maps/export/?lat=51.443212&lng=9.551652&zoom=15&type=s&locid=13795&title=Reinhardswald%2C%20Deutschland%2C%20Osterbach%20Hydrophone01″ width=’400′ height=’300′ ]


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