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Chatham CloseUp April 2008

In April 2008 we stayed in Chatham-Kent, Canada, to finish the works on our installation “Chatham Whitespace”. It has been shown then in a groupal show with the same title – Chatham Whitespace. During our stay we developed an additional project with the title “Chatham CloseUp”. The whitespace project had been developed from far away – this one could be realised directly at the place. It resulted from our walks through the town, passing by deserted places during cold winter afternoons. The whole ambience full of frozen fragments of the 60ies.
“Chatham CloseUp” is an audio visual Installation based on photographs of Chatham. A couple of flag stands produced the sounds during a windy night.
“Chatham CloseUp” is to be seen at Retro Suites Hotel in Chatham-Kent since april 3rd. It is also online on archive.org

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