Zero Craft

Zero Craft is a telematic collaboration between blackhole-factory and the Noiseborder Ensemble. The piece features vocalist Jessica Pistor and Elke Utermöhlen, and is organized into several sections according to instrumentation, visual design, and concept. The piece is realized telematically between artists performing in different spaces linked electronically.


Störfall ::: broken visions of landscapes
voice / objects / contact mics / field recordings / custom software

Upcoming performances:

Feb 28 / Toronto CA

March 4 / Noiseborder meets blackhole-factory / Windsor, CA – this is the first performance where both ensembles meet in real space

March 6 / collaboration with Audio Lodge / London, CA


noiseborder + blackhole-factory: FarReach Contact

Noiseborder Ensemble meets blackhole-factory.
An interactive performance using the network of two performance spaces as a delay line.

Connected via audio and video live streaming, the Noiseborder Ensemble in Windsor, Canada (Brent Lee/Saxophone, Trevor Pittman/clarinet, Sundar Subramanian/ guitar, Sigi Torinus/ visuals) and blackhole-factory (Martin Slawig, Elke Utermöhlen, Martin Kroll) in Braunschweig, Germany perform together during the Theater-Outlet Festival in Braunschweig, Germany.

Photos from the performance space in Windsor, Canada:

Photos thanks to Bev Hamilton & Sigi Torinus

more photos:

FarReach Contact #2

poster from Braunschweig:

poster from Windsor:

We are continuing our internet collaboration with Canadian’s Noiseborder ensemble. Again we will connect two physical performance spaces.
The performances will be on friday, september 18 at
1. Lambton Tower, Studio A, Windsor, Canada, local time 4 pm.
2. Festival Theater-Outlet, former public library, Braunschweig, Germany, local time 10 pm.

collaborations January/ February 2009

2009 starts with two collaborative projects.
For January 29 we are preparing a concert with the Canadian Ensemble Noiseborder and Sigi Torinus. It will be an internet collaboration. Sound and visuals will be exchanged via internet, they playing in Windsor, Ontario, and blackhole-factory playing at the Hauptbahnhof studio.

In February David Bickerstaff ( will be with us in Braunschweig, filming Theater im Glashaus with their latest piece “Von Sinnen 1”, a work about listening. The resulting short film will be released in autumn 2009.