A.O.S.C. 24hours Live Stream

A.O.S.C. 24h Live Stream

A.O.S.C. – agents of synchronicity – 24h live stream
a networked installation by blackhole-factory

Monday April 4 2016 8am UTC – Tuesday April 5 8am UTC
24 hours live stream @ www.blackhole-factory.com

“The general acoustic environment of a society can be read as an indicator of the social conditions which produce it and may tell us much about the trending and evolution of that society.” (Murray Schafer)

A.O.S.C. is a autonomously working networked system which uses the unique acoustic environments of 5 remote places to compose a new abstract environment in a 6th place.

blackhole-factory has sent out 5 microphone agents to locations in different countries where they are continuously registering the current soundscape, analyzing the sound spectrum and streaming the results into the installation space.
These data are interpreted by a central computer with regard to frequency, texture and synchronicity of events. The emerging space encompasses soundscape, light, the movement of a machine and 3d printed objects.

the agents and their hosts:
agent01: Berlin, Germany – Barbara Slawig
agent02: Lviv, Ukraine – Ostap Manulyak, Mykhaylo Barabash
agent03: Victoria, Canada – Paul Walde
agent04: Londrina, Brazil – Chris Vine
agent05: Sydney, Australia – Roger Mills
installation: Braunschweig, Germany – Elke Utermöhlen, Martin Slawig

Ethernet Orchestra UpStage Festival

From the Ethernet-Orchestra website:

121212 UpStage Festival of Cyberformance will take place 5-12 December 2012

photograph Kyle Nolin

Live A/V performance Oceans Between Sound featuring Graziano Milano

Schedule and direct A/V links

Exploring interdisciplinary and intercultural networked creativity, this audiovisual performance will feature Ethernet Orchestra collaborating with visual artist Graziano Milano mixing visual collages in VisitorsStudio.

The inspiration for the performance Oceans between Sound considers the ebb and flow of network data as metaphor for the world oceans separating the members of the ensemble and their dispersed lives.

Ethernet Orchestra are streaming their networked improvisation via liminal sound net radio and live visual mixing by Graziano will be in VisitorsStudio. To experience the A/V shows online go to UpStage or open the urls above in separate browser windows.

Online as a live sound Internet broadcast and Graziano. Online audiences will open VisitorsStudio and the radio portal in separate browser windows to experience the full audiovisual performance.

There will be two shows for audiences in both hemispheres – view schedule times for more details.

The event is also showcasing earlier works by artists working in the field called “Walking backwards into the future” – a programme of 19 remounted cyberformances from the past five festivals (5-11 December). Follow this link to the schedule and time converters. more details