Micro 7

We contributed a track to the project 'Each Morning of the World #03 - Central American PhoNographic Mornings #02/1' by Stephane Marin / www.espaces-sonores.com „Micro 7“ is the portrait of a morning ritual happening in Santiago de Cuba, in the suburb Micro 7. A seven years old boy, Cesar, receives the symbols of three Orishas, ... Read more

A.O.S.C. Live Audio Broadcast

Listen to the live generated ambient music of the A.O.S.C. network in a 24/7 Live Audio Broadcast! http://blackhole-factory.homedns.org:8000/listen.m3u September 22 6pm UTC until September 28 6pm UTC A.O.S.C. - Agents of Synchronicity is an autonomous system of remote networked machine agents transforming the environmental soundscapes at distant places into a collective realtime composition of abstract ... Read more

A.O.S.C. 24hours Live Stream

A.O.S.C. 24h Live Stream
A.O.S.C. - agents of synchronicity - 24h live stream a networked installation by blackhole-factory Monday April 4 2016 8am UTC - Tuesday April 5 8am UTC 24 hours live stream @ www.blackhole-factory.com "The general acoustic environment of a society can be read as an indicator of the social conditions which produce it and may tell ... Read more

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