We are now starting a series of live streams on with our project ‚Across the Valley – Über das Tal‘ together with Marc Sloan (Easton, Pennsylvania).
The streams will have different focuses and also different durations, some maybe only 15 minutes, others several hours.

We begin on Sunday, March 6 on the topic:
Orienting ourselves together in space while we are distant from each other.

This stream will be relatively short, so please come on time. Or, if you can’t make it live, you can find a recording of it afterwards on our website.

March 6, 2022 12:30 EST – 17:30 UTC – 18:30 CET

Sound is very important in this project, so please use good headphones or a sound system!

Recording of the LiveStream

Amalie’s Land Live Stream

As part of our project ‘Amalie’s Land’ we set up a 24/7 audio visual live stream on
It’s a sonification of the bio data and a remix of field recordings of the spot – generated in realtime.
A willow tree on a field plot on the edge of a small village in a river valley in Germany is being observed right now by various sensors. This sensor data controls a software that constantly remixes sound and video recordings of the location. This creates a constantly changing audio visual stream from the current biodata and the archive of the tree and its immediate surroundings.
Live Stream on

Micro 7


We contributed a track to the project ‘Each Morning of the World #03 – Central American PhoNographic Mornings #02/1’ by Stephane Marin /

„Micro 7“ is the portrait of a morning ritual happening in Santiago de Cuba, in the suburb Micro 7. A seven years old boy, Cesar, receives the symbols of three Orishas, the guerreros, to give him protection and to help him in life.
The ritual happens in the house of his father, the Santero Abelardo Lardué, who is accompanied by a second Santero, taking the part of the Padrino. This is the first initiating ritual starting a long process of further rituals for a person being part of the Santeria community.
During the several phases of the activity the boy will be washed, Chickens and doves will be sacrificed and at the end Cesar gets three necklaces in the colours of the Orishas.

We recorded the material during a long stay in Santiago, when we collaborated with anthropologist Dr. Jose Millet and Abelardo Lardué, developing a number of installations and performances, documenting and portaiing the Santeria community of Santiago de Cuba.

Listen to “Micro 7” on Bandcamp!

A.O.S.C. Live Audio Broadcast

Listen to the live generated ambient music of the A.O.S.C. network in a 24/7 Live Audio Broadcast!
September 22 6pm UTC until September 28 6pm UTC

A.O.S.C. – Agents of Synchronicity is an autonomous system of remote networked machine agents transforming the environmental soundscapes at distant places into a collective realtime composition of abstract electronic music.

A.O.S.C. draws on Anthropocenic notions of the autonomous nature of dispersed environmental events, and their repercussions on the world in which we live.

blackhole-factory sent out 5 microphone agents to international places where they are placed outside their hosts houses to listen to the current soundscape. Each agent streams data of the analysis of the sound spectrum over the internet to a computer in the blackhole-factory studio. An algorithm interpretes these data and calculates parameters to control custom-built audio synthesis software. These parameters are streamed back to the agents where the collective music is generated and can be heard.

actual networked places:

agent02: Lviv, Ukraine – hosted by Ostap Manulyak and Mykhaylo Barabash
agent03: Toronto, Canada – hosted by Rob Cruickshank
agent04: Londrina, Brazil – hosted by Chris Vine
agent05: Sydney, Australia -hosted by Roger Mills
agent06: Bonaforth, Germany – hosted by blackhole-factory

The agents are designed to survive outside in bad weather conditions. They consist of a RaspberryPI single-board computer in a waterproofed box and a custom built microphone.