Marc Sloan Reel to Real Vol. 1

Marc Sloan Reel to Real Vol. 1

We are very proud and happy to be part of the actual international music project by our long time friend and collaborator Marc Sloan. The project focuses on the changes and possibilities of artistic collaboration over distances in times of Corona.

Our contribution to the album is entitled ‘Rufe über das Tal’ (Calls over the valley).

The fresh printed CDs just arrived at Marc’s studio and we are looking forward to get some copies.

Check out the online release on Marc’s bandcamp site.

There is also a trailer available on YouTube!

Elke Utermöhlen – voice • Martin Slawig – asian bell, electromagnetic wave detector, live processing • Marc Sloan – drums and bass





recorded in the installation at Haus der Braunschweigischen Stiftungen – im Garten in the range of sensor units 12, 9 and 7
Each of these three sensor units is equipped with two piezo sensors to detect the movements of the branches of the plants. Unit #7 is in a tree, unit #9 on a bush and unit #12 on a hedge. The sensor data is sent via a radio network to the central computer, where it is converted into the control data for the sound synthesis of these three locations. Via Wi-Fi, the data is sent to the user’s smartphone at this location and, together with the smartphone’s motion sensors, controls the sound generated in the app.


Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen

Installationsanleitung für die Smartphone-App

Für den Besuch der Installation braucht man eine App, die es kostenlos für Android und iOS gibt. Sie besteht aus zwei Komponenten, die man installieren muss.

Hier kommt die Anleitung:

1. Installation von MobMuPlat
Download MobMuPlat aus dem iOS App-Store oder Android Play-Store
Installieren der App und im Folgenden die Zugriffsrechte erlauben.

2. Installation der BigRomantikData App
Wir werden noch bis Donnerstag (19.9.) Mittag Feineinstellungen in der App vornehmen, so dass die endgültige Version erst am Nachmittag zur Verfügung steht.
Download von diesem Link:
Im folgenden Dialog die Datei öffnen und auswählen: mit MobMuPlat öffnen
Dadurch wird die zip Datei automatisch entpackt und in den MobMuPlat-Ordner verschoben.

Vor Ort…

3. mobile Daten ausschalten!

4. Standortdienst und WLAN auf dem Smartphone aktivieren
WLAN-Netz bird auswählen, Passwort birdbird

5. MobMuPlat starten
Über das Menü oben links die Datei bird.mmp aus der Liste auswählen

Bitte das Smartphone mit geladenem Akku und einem Ohrhörer mitbringen.

MobMuPlat oder MobileMusicPlatform ist ein Programm von Daniel Iglesia.
Die App ermöglicht es, mit Pd (PureData) geschriebene Musiksoftware auf Mobilgeräten einzusetzen.

A.O.S.C. Live

photo: blackhole-factory

Excerpt from the A.O.S.C. performance ‘I Hear the Distant Tossing of Trees Across the Park’, recorded live January 16th 2018 20:08-20:14 CET @Studio_A | Kunstmühle Braunschweig


Building a SASS (Stereo Ambient Sampling System) using Primo EM172 capsules

Up to now we used a Rode NT4 microphone in a Rycote blimp for stereo field recordings. Since we still had some Primo EM172 microphone capsules lying around we had the idea to build a SASS system.

We found an excellent describtion of how to build it on Vicki Powys’ website

We took the measurements and the concept of wiring two EM172 capsules in parallel from her post here: Vicki Powys’ SASS-Lite Narrow

To operate the SASS via XLR cables with 48V phantom power on our Sound Devices 702 we found a manual on the website of Tom Benedict.

Although our implementation of the construction is somewhat unclean due to lack of time and material we are very satisfied with the result. The SASS provides a good stereo image, the mics are very sensive and low noise.

Here are some images of the building process and 2 recordings using the SASS and a SD702 recorder. More investigations will follow.

3d printed plate for each pair of the EM172 capsules:


XLR connectors each with a capacitor and resistor like in Tom Benedict’s post:


view from the back:


the plate glued to closed cell foam:


closed cell foam and open cell foam connected and hold together by a metal plate:


purple colored dead cat – the only thing we could get:


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