TranceCode Dancers


interactive kinetic sculpture • 2012

Erzulies Traum

installation/ performance • 2010
reconstructing an encounter
with the Vodú Community
of Santiago de Cuba.

site specific installation • 2009
Galata, Istanbul

performance • 2008

Sanok Songlines

site specific installation • 2008
Sanok, Poland

Chatham Whitespace

site specific installation • 2008
Chatham, Ontario, Canada

trans4m orchestra

site specific installation • 2008
an art and waste installation in Palestine
initiated by blackhole-factory, Goethe-Institut and GTZ


post industrial noise • 2007

performance and installation • 2005/ 06
observing situations along the
german/polish border
collaboration with
Lukasz Szalankiewicz

performance • 2005

Talking Walls

performances on public spaces • 2004 – 2006

collaboration with
Sigi Torinus (USA/ Canada) and Jose Seoane (Cuba/ Canada)

CloseUp Flight

site specific audio visual performance • 2004

interactive outdoor installation • 2004

interactive audio visual installation • 2002 – 2004


performance and installation • 2002 – 2006
questioning the concept of home

audio visual performance • 2002 – 2004

interactive installation • 2001

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