blackhole-factory is an independent intermedia arts group working at the intersection of the performing and audio visual arts, integrating interactive technology and subversive low-tech aesthetics. The group has been founded in 1999 by Elke Utermöhlen and Martin Slawig. Based in Braunschweig, Germany, they run their own studio and performance venue.
blackhole-factory blackhole-factory operates like an umbrella organisation for developing new media arts projects and international collaborations.

blackhole-factory creates performances and installations that explore the creative tension between information technology and the physical presence and absence of bodies in space, experimenting with methods of augmented space, remote networked spaces/performers and autonomous machine agents. Essential parts of the work deal with questions of perception and celebrate the unpredictability of the moment in improvisation, focussing on the relation between human, nature and technology. The projects feature found materials, field recordings, interviews, low tech electronics, custom software, sensors and custom interfaces.

Since 2009 blackhole-factory is exploring the possibilities of networked performances, first in collaboration with the Noiseborder Ensemble (Windsor, Canada) and between 2010 and 2019 as members of the Ethernet Ensemble from Roger Mills (Sydney). In 2014 blackhole-factory started a series of networked multimedia  performances.

Between 2001 and 2020 Martin Slawig and Elke Utermöhlen worked as directors of TiG-Theater im Glashaus, a group of performers with intellectual disabilities. Together with this ensemble they created theater plays and music with the use of low-tech electronics and digital media.

blackhole-factory cooperates in an international network with artists, scientists and cultural organisations. Their works have been shown at international festivals across the globe, among them FILE Festival Sao Paulo, Transmediale Berlin, AudioArt Festival Krakow, Wunder der Prärie Mannheim or The Havana Biennial.

They performed and presented work at festivals, universities, in theatres , galleries and alternative spaces in Germany, UK, Australia, Mazedonia, Turkey, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Rep., Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, USA, Canada, Cuba, Brasil, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Elke Utermöhlen
Photo: Martin Kroll

Elke Utermöhlen Performer, stage director, vocal artist, sound artist. She works with live electronics and computers, developes research based or/and site specific installations. She plays improvised music: experimental use of voice in combination with realtime processing software and found objects. Initiator and organizer of international culture- and arts projects. Since 2001 director of “TiG – Theater im Glashaus”, an ensemble of performers with special needs ( 2010 artistic director of “Handicap Null”, an international theater festival for artists with intellectual disability. 1984-92 co-founder and actress of the german/peruvian theater ensemble La Otra Orilla – physical theater, at that time intensely involved in expanded intercultural exchange. Co-founder of LOT-Theater Braunschweig.


Martin Slawig
Photo: Angelika Stück

Martin Slawig is a composer, performer, audio visual artist, percussionist and programmer. He works with custom built instruments and electronic devices, found objects, field recordings and digital media, writing his own software based on Max/MSP and PureData.

Workshops and lectures at Universities: Udk Berlin, HbK Braunschweig, Universität Bayreuth, School of Visual Arts (Windsor, Ontario), University of Western Ontario (London, Canada), Metropolitan University (London UK).

Co-director of TiG – Theater im Glashaus, a group of performers with special needs. Pre-diploma in electrical engineering, studied percussion in Togo (West Africa), Cuba and at the International School of Percussion in Munich. Until year 2000 concerts as percussionist in Germany and Europe in the field of Jazz-, Latin- and African music. Autodidact in digital media and programming.


Live Art (year of production)
2020 Amalie’s Land
2017/18 I Hear the Distant Tossing of Trees Across the Park
2017 Mantis Machine
2016/17 Live Map
2016 A.O.S.C. – AGENTS OF SYNCHRONICITY – networked performance
2015 Dance Code – collaboration with Agnetha Jaunich
2014 SnakeRiverDream – audio visual performance
2014 Club Instabil „The Family“ – international artists exchange – audio visual concerts
2013 Der Flug der Seeschwalbe/The Flight Of The SeaSwallow – multi modal networked performance
2012 Trance Code
2012 Picknick am FeldRand
2011 Club Instabil* – networked performance
2010 Handicap Null – integrative theater festival, cooperation with Lebenshilfe Braunschweig
2010 Erzulies Traum – installation and performance talking about the Vodú cult in Cuba
2010 Störfall – broken visions of landscapes – audio visual performance
2009 Golem – electronic art performance
2008 Restmetall – post industrial noise
2007 Talking Walls 2 – collaboration with Sigi Torinus and José Seoane in London, Canada
2006 CloseUp Flight
2006 Club Instabil – international artist meeting and festival
2006 Das Oder-Projekt – site specific performances along the german/polish border
2005 HIER – performance in a hanging space
2004 Talking Walls
2001 feedback – Performance
1999 trans.u – Performance

* since 2011 the Club Instabil has developed as a series of artist exchanges, happening at Kunstmühle Braunschweig, the Studio and performance venue run by blackhole-factory

Installations (year of production)
2019 Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen, interactive installation
2018 Bonaforth Zuhören
2013 TranceCodeDancers, Festival „Kunst Hier und jetzt“, Braunschweig
2011 Binaural Ogunator
2009 Galata Songlines
2009 trans4m orchestra – new version for Festival Wunder der Prärie, Mannheim
2008 Chatham Whitespace
2008 Sanok-Songlines
2008 Chatham Whitespace: Thames Art Gallery Chatham, Canada
2008 trans4m orchestra, group exhibition: Al Hoash Gallery, East Jerusalem;
Transmediale.08 conspire, Berlin, group exhibition: The Ottoman Court, Ramallah, Palestine
2006 Das Oder-Projekt
2006 mapping/BS Club InStabil Braunschweig
2003 Santero: Festival De Caribe, Santiago de Cuba
2002 HOME X
2000/2001 Zone

Publication/ Releases:
2020 ‘Some thoughts on human and nonhuman agency in networked performances’ in ‘Musikalische Praxen und virtuelle Räumemusical practices and virtual spaces’, Grimme Medienbildung, kopaed Verlag 2020
2020 ‘Rufe Über das Tal’ on ‘Marc Sloan – Reel To Real Vol 1’ , CD and Online Release
2018 ‘Bursfelde Variations’ , Bandcamp online release
2018 ‘Micro 7’ on ‘Each Morning of the World #03 – Central American PhoNographic Mornings #02/1’ by Stephane Marin /
2016 A.O.S.C. – Nervensystem / online release / Bandcamp
2016 MIT Press Journals – Leonardo / Flight of the Sea Swallow: A Crossreality Telematic Performance / article by Roger Mills, Martin Slawig, Elke Utermöhlen
2015 SnakeRiverDream141206 @’UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS GROUP – the first annual report’, online release
2015 150625-104350 @German Experimental Underground 015 Survey by Unexplained Sounds Group, online release
2015 Erholungsgemeinschaft—Neuthymen / online release @Bandcamp
2014 Ethernet Orchestra ‘Diaspora’, Pueblo Nuevo Chile
2012 ‘Die Mühle – The Mill’, TiG – Theater im Glashaus, Luftschiff Verlag
2009 ‘Song’, TiG – Theater im Glashaus, Video by David Bickerstaff and blackhole-factory
2003 ‘Home_X’ interactive CD-ROM

Selected Festivals:
Vox Electronica, Lviv, Ukraine 2016
Festiv, LOT-Theater Braunschweig 2016
TETRAMATYKA, Lviv, Ukraine 2015
Parramatta Lanes Festival, Sydney 2015
AudioArt Festival 2014, Krakow
Festiv @LOT-Theater Braunschweig 2014
Windsor Music Festival 2013
Festival 15/20, Praha, Tschechische Republik 2011
Le Placard Festival Sweden 2011
Festival Die Situation ist unter Kontrolle, Braunschweig 2011
Handicap Null, Braunschweig 2010
Le Placard Festival Sweden 2010
Le Placard Festival Paris 2010
Hypersonica/ FILE, Sao Paulo, Brasilien 2009
Mini Marathon of Electronic Music /MMEM/ Ostrava, Tschechische Republik 2009
Theaterfestival „WUNDER DER PRÄRIE“, Mannheim 2009
Theater-Outlet Festival, Braunschweig 2009
Visibility Projekt 5, Istanbul 2009
Transmediale.08 – Conspire, Berlin, Germany 2008
Mediawave Festival 2008, Sanok, Polen
Resistance Theater Festival, Riddarhyttan, Schweden 2008
Audioart Festival 2008, Krakau, Polen
Ueberarbeiten, Filmfestival des DGB, Wolfenbüttel, Germany 2007
Nacht der Arbeit 2007, Gewerkschaftshaus Braunschweig, Germany
The Story Of Work, @work network, Kopenhagen, Denmark 2007
The Tel Aviv Modern Music Festival 2007, Tel Aviv, Israel
LOLA Festival 2007, London Ontario, Canada
9. Bienal De La Havana, Havana, Cuba 2006
House Of Arts Festival 2006, Opava, Czech Rep.
House Of Arts Festival 2006, Ostrava, Czech Rep.
AudioArt Festival 2006, Krakau, Poland
Redifine Work, @work network, Spophiensaele Berlin, Germany 2006
FILE electronic language Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 2006
Begegnungen 2005 (LOT-Theater), Braunschweig;
Ausser der Reihe 2005, Braunschweig;
Schöne Aussicht 2005, Braunschweig;
Dramaturgien des Erinnerns, Symposion transArtes, Schloss Trebnitz 2004
Barocke Leidenschaften, Braunschweig 2004
EPAF European Performance Art Festival 2004, Lublin, Polen;
Media City X 2004, Windsor/ Canada;
Schöne Aussicht 2003, Braunschweig;
Festival del Caribe 2003, Santiago de Cuba;
Exciting Neighbours 2002, Marburg;
FILE electronic language Festival 2002/ 2003/ 2004, Sao Paulo;
INTER-NOS 2001/ 2002, Santiago de Cuba;
Filmfest 2001, Braunschweig;
Infocomm Europe 2001, Köln;
Cast01 – Living in Mixed Realities 2001, Sankt Augustin, Bonn;
AudioArt Festival 1999, Krakau;
FIDENA 1999, Bochum
Ausser der Reihe 1999, Braunschweig
Klangart 1999, Osnabrück
Nordkurve Festival 1999, Kiel, Bremen, Hannover, Hildesheim
MOT International Theater Festival 1999, Skopje, Mazedonien

Live art: Selected Performances/Places since 2005
2019 Bursfelde Resonances, Installation, University of Windsor Ontario
2018 Bursfelde Variations (premiere presentation) | in/fuse 26 @ SoCA Armouries, Windsor Canada
2018 Bonaforth Zuhören, Bonaforth Germany
2018 I Hear the Distant Tossing of Trees Across the Park / Kunstmühle Studio_A
2017 Mantis Machine / Kunstmühle Studio_A
2017 Club Instabil: blackhole-factory featuring Chris Vine (Brazil) / Kunstmühle Studio_A
2017 Live Map, Kunstmühle Studio_A
2016 Mantis Machine / Festiv, LOT-Theater Braunschweig
2016 SnakeRiverDream / Galerie Hugo45 Braunschweig
2016 Mantis Machine, Kunstmühle Studio_A
2016 A.O.S.C. agents of synchronicity – performance / Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2015 DanceCode / Kunsttempel Kassel
2015 SnakeRiverDream live at FBI-Radio Sydney
2015 SnakeRiverDream / Festival TETRAMATYKA, Lviv, Ukraine
2015 DanceCode, Kunstmühle Studio_A
2014 Snake River Dream Preview / Galerie Hugo45 Braunschweig
2014 ClubInstabil: Ken Aldcroft + blackhole-factory / Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2014 Club Instabil: Vlady Bystrov + blackhole-factory / Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2014 Club Instabil Performance Night / Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2014 The Flight Of The Seaswallow / Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2013 Trance Code Dancers: Kunstmühle, Braunschweig
2013 Picknick am FeldRand: Kunstmühle, Braunschweig, Gerrard Arts Space, Toronto; Windsor Arts Gallery, Windsor; School of Visual Arts, Windsor; Somewhere There Club, Toronto
2013 Ken Aldcroft + blackhole-factory/ Tranzac Club, Toronto Canada
2013 Club Instabil: blackhole-factory meets NoiseBorderEnsemble Canada / Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2013 Club Instabil: Ken Aldcroft, Peter Glantz, blackhole-factory / Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2013 Noiseborder meets blackhole-factory / University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada
2012 Trance Code: Kunstmühle, Braunschweig
2012 Picknick am FeldRand: Kunstmühle Braunschweig, SKOP Frankfurt/M
2011 showing in process Picknick am FeldRand: Festival Die Situation ist unter Kontrolle, Braunschweig
2011 Restmetall: Gallery KUB Leipzig Germany
2011 Störfall – broken visions of landscapes: Le Placard Festival Sweden
2011 Club Instabil: Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2010 Erzulies Traum:Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2010 Störfall – broken visions of landscapes: SomewhereThere Toronto Canada;
Forest City Gallery, London Canada; Le Placard Festival Sweden; Le Placard Festival Paris
2009 Golem:LOT-Theater Braunschweig; Performer Stammtisch Berlin
2009 Restmetall -post industrial noise: Festival Wunder der Prärie, Mannheim, Germany;
Festival Mini Marathon of Electronic Music, Ostrava, Czech Rep.; FILE Sao Paulo
2008 Restmetall -post industrial noise: Resistance Festival, Riddarhyttan, Sweden;
LOT-Theater Braunschweig; Allgemeiner Konsumverein Braunschweig
2007 Restmetall -post industrial noise: Filmfest überarbeiten, Wolfenbüttel Germany;
Festival The Story of Work, Copenhagen, Denmark; Nacht der Arbeit, DGB und Filmfest Braunschweig; The Tel Aviv International Modern Music Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel;
2007 Talking Walls, collaboration with Sigi Torinus and José Seoane: LOLA Festival London, Canada
2006 Restmetall -post industrial noise: Festival Redefine Work, Sophiensaele Berlin; AudioArt Festival Krakow;
2006 Talking Walls, collaboration with Sigi Torinus and José Seoane: Havana Biennial, Cuba;
2006 CloseUp Flight: House of Arts Festival Ostrava, Czech. Rep.;
House of Arts Festival Opava, Czech. Rep.; FILE RIO, Rio de Janeiro
2006 Das Oder-Projekt: Laznia Gallery, Gdansk, Poland
2006 Club Instabil: Allgemeiner Konsumverein Braunschweig
2005 Das Oder-Projekt: Festival GRASPILOTEN Schloss Bröllin, Germany and Szczecin, Poland;
2005 HIER: LOT-Theater, Braunschweig; TESLA, Berlin

networked performances with Ethernet Orchestra:
2015 People’s Republic, Sydney
2015 Municipal Theatre Campo Mourão, Brazil
2012 Festival Cyberformance 121212: Wellington Neuseeland, Sydney, Buenos Aires, München
2011 University of Technology Sydney; O-Town Sound, New York City, USA; DRHA (Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts Conference) Ningbo, China;
2010 Live Radio Performance on FBI Radio Sydney; NIME 2010, University of Technology Sydney; Kunstmühle Braunschweig

Networked Performances with Noiseborder Ensemble Windsor, Canada:
2010 Zero Craft: University of Windsor, Canada
2010 Master Control: University of Windsor, Canada
2009 Far Reach Contact: University of Windsor, Canada; Theater-Outlet Festival Braunschweig

2015 DanceCode – Screening / Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, Canada
2014 TiG: über Land und Mehr – Installation / Galerie einRaum5-7 Braunschweig
2013 TranceCodeDancers, interaktive unstallation: Kunst Hier und Jetzt, Braunschweig
2011 Binaural Ogunator: Kunstmühle Braunschweig
2009 Galata Songlines: Visibility Project 5, Galata Perform, Istanbul
2009 trans4m orchestra: Festival Wunder der Prärie, Mannheim, Germany
2009 Kinder im Blick, group exhibition: Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, Braunschweig
2008 Sanok-Songlines,collaboration with Lukasz Szalankiewicz:
Sanok Mediawave Festival, Poland; Audio Art Festival Krakow, Poland
2008 Chatham Whitespace: Thames Art Gallery Chatham, Canada
2008 trans4m orchestra, group exhibition: Al Hoash Gallery, East Jerusalem; Transmediale.08 conspire, Berlin
2007 trans4m orchestra, group exhibition: The Ottoman Court, Ramallah, Palestine
2006 mapping/BS: Club InStabil Braunschweig
2006 HOME X: DGB Braunschweig
2006 das Oder-Projekt: LOT-Theater Braunschweig
2004 Santero: FILE Sao Paulo, Brasil
2003 Santero: Festival De Caribe, Santiago de Cuba
2003 Santero: LOT-Theater Braunschweig
2003 HOME X: Kongress Stadt 2030, Braunschweig; Museum für Fotografie, Braunschweig
2002 HOME X: LOT-Theater Braunschweig
2001 Z/one: Infocomm Europe, Cologne
2000 Z/one: LOT- Theater Braunschweig

2015 Artists at the Armory program, Sydney Olympic Parc, Sydney, AU
2013 University of Western Ontario, Music Department,Windsor Canada
2011 Metropolitan University, dance department, London UK,
2010 University of Windsor, Music Department, Windsor Canada
2008 Chatham Whitespace: Thames Art Gallery Chatham, Canada
2004 School of Visual Arts, Windsor Canada

Workshops/ Talks:
2020 Inklusive Theaterarbeit, Lehrauftrag Sommersemester 2020, HbK Braunschweig
2016 Hacking the Stage / Institut Transformation Design, HbK Braunschweig
2015 Hacking the Stage/ Creativity and Cognition Studios CCS, Sydney
2015 Lviv Music Academy, Lviv, Ukraine
2014 Programming The Unpredictable / Studio for Electroacoustic Music, Academy of Music Krakow
2013 School of Visual Arts, Windsor, Canada
2010 Universität Bayreuth, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft: workshop theatre and media
2010 Sheridan College, Oakville Canada: artist talk
2009 Universität Bayreuth, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft: workshop theatre and media
2008 TUT Hannover, School for Theater: workshop objects and video
2007 Goethe-Institut Ramallah, Workshop-Projekt mit regionalen Künstlern „Waste Palestine“
2007 University of Western Ontario, London Canada: workshop Max/MSP
2007 School of Visual Arts, London Canada: artists talk
2005 Universität Bayreuth, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft: workshop theatre and media
2005 Sommerakademie Brandenburg, Veranstalter trans.ARTES: workshop theatre and media
2004 Universität Bayreuth, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft: workshop theatre and media
2004 UDK Berlin: workshop theatre and media
2004 Universität Bayreuth, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft: workshop theatre and media

Some of our collaborations, partners

Marc Sloan, New York
Martin Kroll, photographer;
Paula Perissinotto, Director of FILE Festival (Sao Paulo/ Rio de Janeiro);
Dr. José Millet, Casa Del Caribe (Santiago de Cuba);
Brenda Hutchinson (San Francisco);
Prof. Sigi Torinus, Universität Windsor (Canada);
Marek Choloniewski, Muzyka centrum Art Society (Krakow);
Lukasz Szalankiewicz, „Palsecam“/“Zenial“ (Krakow/Poznan);
Schloss Bröllin, international theatre research location (Bröllin);
Omar Lopez, Architekt und Stadtkonservator (Santiago de Cuba)
Fareed C.Majari, Goethe-Institut Ramallah, (Ramallah,Palästina)
GTZ (Ramallah, Palästina)
Dr. Angelika Eder, Goethe-Institut Krakau, St. Petersburg
Prof. Dr.Martina Leeker, Berlin
AudioTong Foundation Krakow
Widymo Chor, Sanok
Performerstammtisch Berlin
Jörn Burmester, Berlin
Florian Feigl, Berlin
Prof. Brent Lee, Noiseborder Ensemble, University of Western Ontario, Windsor, Canada
Galata-Perform, Istanbul
Dr. Thomas Kampe, Bath Spa University, UK
Roger Mills, Ethernet Orchestra, Sydney, Australien
David Bickerstaff, filmmaker, London, UK
C.O. Kaspar, Berlin
Steve Buchanan, Geneva
Peter M. Glantz, Braunschweig
Ken Aldcroft, Toronto
Rob Cruickshank, Interacces, electronic media arts centre, Toronto, Canada

blackhole-factory has been funded by:
Land Niedersachsen, Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur
Stiftung Niedersachsen
Stadt Braunschweig Kulturinistitut
Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz
Braunschweigischer Vereinigter Kloster- und Studienfonds
Stiftung Nord/LB•ÖFFENTLICHE Braunschweig
Braunschweigische Landschaft e.V.
Stiftung Kleiderversorgung Braunschweig
Niedersächsische Lottostiftung
Fonds Darstellende Künste, Essen
Stadt Wolfsburg, Kulturamt
Stiftung für Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit, Warschau
Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds, Prag
Goethe-Institut Ramallah
GTZ Ramallah
Goethe-Institut Krakau
Goethe-Institut Prag