Across the Valley – tree to cymbal

Test to transform movements of a branch from a distant tree into sounds on a cymbal. Vibration sensors are attached to the tree and connected to a raspberry pi (solar powered).  The data is sent over mobile internet to the studio where a Pd-patch analyses the data stream and send it to an arduino which controls a servo motor.


The tree:

Amalie’s Land Live Stream

As part of our project ‘Amalie’s Land’ we set up a 24/7 audio visual live stream on
It’s a sonification of the bio data and a remix of field recordings of the spot – generated in realtime.
A willow tree on a field plot on the edge of a small village in a river valley in Germany is being observed right now by various sensors. This sensor data controls a software that constantly remixes sound and video recordings of the location. This creates a constantly changing audio visual stream from the current biodata and the archive of the tree and its immediate surroundings.
Live Stream on