A.O.S.C. Live Audio Broadcast

Listen to the live generated ambient music of the A.O.S.C. network in a 24/7 Live Audio Broadcast!

September 22 6pm UTC until September 28 6pm UTC

A.O.S.C. – Agents of Synchronicity is an autonomous system of remote networked machine agents transforming the environmental soundscapes at distant places into a collective realtime composition of abstract electronic music.

A.O.S.C. draws on Anthropocenic notions of the autonomous nature of dispersed environmental events, and their repercussions on the world in which we live.

blackhole-factory sent out 5 microphone agents to international places where they are placed outside their hosts houses to listen to the current soundscape. Each agent streams data of the analysis of the sound spectrum over the internet to a computer in the blackhole-factory studio. An algorithm interpretes these data and calculates parameters to control custom-built audio synthesis software. These parameters are streamed back to the agents where the collective music is generated and can be heard.

actual networked places:

agent02: Lviv, Ukraine – hosted by Ostap Manulyak and Mykhaylo Barabash
agent03: Toronto, Canada – hosted by Rob Cruickshank
agent04: Londrina, Brazil – hosted by Chris Vine
agent05: Sydney, Australia -hosted by Roger Mills
agent06: Bonaforth, Germany – hosted by blackhole-factory

The agents are designed to survive outside in bad weather conditions. They consist of a RaspberryPI single-board computer in a waterproofed box and a custom built microphone.

Club Instabil 9.17

ClubInstabil 9.17

blackhole-factory trifft Chris Vine (Brasilien)
Chris Vine: git + laptop
Elke Utermöhlen: voice + live processing
Martin Slawig: percussion + live processing
30.9.2017 20 Uhr
Eintritt: 5 – 10 €
Kunstmühle Studio_A
Hannoversche Strasse 69
38116 Braunschweig

Chris Vine begann als Jugendlicher improvisierte Musik in der britischen freien Improvisationsszene zu spielen und entwickelte seinen Sound in den Downtown-Musikszenen von New York und Washington D.C. in den frühen 1980er Jahren. Er arbeitete unter anderem mit Elliott Sharp, Bobby Previte und NPRs Bob Boilen. Zusammen mit dem Open-Field-Poet Chris Torrance bildete er die Heat Poems in Wales im Jahr 1985. Vine war Gitarrist in Ted Milton Kult-Gruppe Blurt in den 1990er Jahren und arbeitete als Komponist und Sound-Designer für walisische Tanz- und Theaterformationen wie Earthfall, Teatr Genedlaethol Cymru und das Center for Performance Research. Seit 2000 arbeitet er in Brasilien mit Tanz-, Theater- und Filmkompanien wie Verve Cia de Dança und Union Filmes. Er bildet das Ambient Improvisation Duett Barsa and Briggy mit dem brasilianischen Schlagzeuger Wesley Ribeiro seit 2010.

Chris Vine began playing improvised music in his teens on the UK free improvisation arena and developed his sound in the downtown music scenes of New York and Washington D.C. in the early 1980’s, working with Elliott Sharp, Bobby Previte and NPR’s Bob Boilen, amongst others.  He formed the Heat Poets in partnership with the open field poet Chris Torrance in Wales in 1985.  Vine was guitarist with Ted Milton’s cult group Blurt throughout the 1990’s and worked as composer and sound designer for Welsh dance and theatre companies such as Earthfall, Teatr Genedlaethol Cymru and the Centre for Performance Research. He has been based in Brazil since 2000 working with dance, theatre and film companies including Verve Cia de Dança and Union Filmes. He formed the Ambient Improvisation duet Barsy and Briggy with Brazilian percussionist Wesley Ribeiro in 2010.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]