We are working on a new project called A.O.S.C. – agents of synchronicity. More about the project soon. But for the start here is the description of the building process of a microphone for that project.

We need a simple mono microphone for long time outdoor usage at a fixed place. We decided to use the Primo EM172-Z1 electret capsule because it is not too expensive and the sound quality is quit good. We bought it directly from Primo in Germany.

Primo EM172-Z1

Using some heat shrink tube,


a piece of a pipe for electrical installations from a hardware store and some Sugru to fix the capsule inside:


A 3d printed ring and rubber hair bands as shock mount. For wind protection we have attached a piece of foam and a Rode fur for Lavalier mics onto the capsule

AoscMic03 Photo: blackhole-factory[/caption]

The house for the mic is a filter of a pump for a garden pond from the hardware store which is then covered by nylon socks..

Photo: blackhole-factory
Photo: blackhole-factory

The RainProtector

Photo: blackhole-factory

Ready to go outside:
A.O.S.C. Photo: blackhole-factory

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