Trying out some OpenGL and physics in Max. It is based on the NurbsSheet patch from the Physics-Patch-a-Day thread in the cycling74 forum.
In this test the movement of the 3d object is generated randomly. It will later be connected to the hands and feet of a dancer tracked by a kinect.
The sound is generated by using an induction coil which is moved over different parts of the laptop and then live processed using Max/MSP. The result is sent to a second laptop to influence the visuals.

Watch on Vimeo:

TiG – Rhythmusmaschine

The TiG – Rhythmusmaschine is an interactive installation for the theater performance ‘Der Grosse Kreis’, a performance related on ‘The Rite Of Spring’ by Igor Stravinsky.
(More informations about the project on the TiG website)

The TiG – Rhythmusmaschine is a 4 track sequencer with an user interface projected on the stage floor. The sounds can be changed via live sampling by the performers using a sensor box and a set of percussion instruments. The performers are creating rhythms by placing white styrofoam balls in the projected field or dancing in the projection.

This video shows first tests with the installation:

And this is how the whole performance looked at the end:

The whole project is realized in Max:
A sensor box on stage with 4 ir sensors and an arduino board is connected to Max via xBee radio modules. It is controlling the live sampling and some stage lights as signs for the percussionist.
Max is also used to play the triggered sounds, for the camera tracking and the projection on the floor. The light design for the whole performance is also controlled using Max.

TiG: 'Der Grosse Kreis'
Photo: Klaus G. Kohn

TiG: 'Der Grosse Kreis'
Photo: TiG

TiG: 'Der Grosse Kreis'
Photo: TiG

TiG: 'Der Grosse Kreis'
Photo: TiG

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