We are working on a new project called A.O.S.C. - agents of synchronicity. More about the project soon. But for the start here is the description of the building process of a microphone for that project. We need a simple mono microphone for long time outdoor usage at a fixed place. We decided to use ... Read more

Residency in Sydney

During october 2015 blackhole-factory stays as Artists in Residence in Sydney as guests of SOPA Sydney Olympic Park Authority Our special thanks to Tony Nesbitt The place: foto: blackhole-factory Newington Armory in the Sydney Olympic Park is an old magazine for gunpowder and later high explosive ammunition for the army until it was changed into ... Read more


blackhole-factory/ms Erholungsgemeinschaft---Neuthymen Martin Slawig: live processed objects Recorded during a one week stay in a cottage at a lake near Fürstenberg, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). It is a large forest area with lots of lakes where you can walk for hours without meeting anybody. And it is near the former ... Read more


Photo: blackhole-factory Dance_Code is a project by the dancer Agnetha Jaunich (Kassel) in collaboration with blackhole-factory, exploring the possibilities of transforming movement and sound into 3d graphics in an improvisation. The movements of the dancer are tracked by a kinect sensor and mapped to the position and shape of the 3d object. The frequency spectrum and amplitude of ... Read more

TiG – Rhythmusmaschine

TiG: 'Der Grosse Kreis'
The TiG - Rhythmusmaschine is an interactive installation for the theater performance 'Der Grosse Kreis', a performance related on 'The Rite Of Spring' by Igor Stravinsky. (More informations about the project on the TiG website) The TiG - Rhythmusmaschine is a 4 track sequencer with an user interface projected on the stage floor. The sounds can be changed via live ... Read more

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