Restmetall photos

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here are some photos of our Restmetall performance at festival ‘Wunder der Prärie’ in Mannheim last fall. Thanks to festival photographer Peter Empl! (© P.Empl)


telematic performance

This was our setup for the Noiseborder/ blackhole-factory performance on Jan 14 2010.

The ‘audience-part’ of the performance was located at Lambton Tower, University in Windsor, Ca, while we were at our studio in the main trainstation in Braunschweig. Our local time for the performace was 1.30 am on Jan 15.
It was the first performance, were Elke used a new granular synthesis patch based on max/MSP and ftm for processing her voice.
We used Nicecast broadcasting software to send our sound and Skype for exchanging the camera signals.


Zero Craft

Zero Craft is a telematic collaboration between blackhole-factory and the Noiseborder Ensemble. The piece features vocalist Jessica Pistor and Elke Utermöhlen, and is organized into several sections according to instrumentation, visual design, and concept. The piece is realized telematically between artists performing in different spaces linked electronically.


Störfall ::: broken visions of landscapes
voice / objects / contact mics / field recordings / custom software

Upcoming performances:

Feb 28 / Toronto CA

March 4 / Noiseborder meets blackhole-factory / Windsor, CA – this is the first performance where both ensembles meet in real space

March 6 / collaboration with Audio Lodge / London, CA