Restmetall preparations

we will doing some ‘restmetall’ performances in the next months (FILE/Sao Paulo, Ostrava/Czech Rep, Mannheim + Braunschweig/Germany), so we are starting prepairing new material.
We built a usb-footswitch based on the BU0836 joystick controller Everything you need to know about it is documented on their website.

Additional material: a piece of aluminium profile, 4 stompbox switches, a piece of garten hose, hot glue and minimum of soldering
This gives us a really lightweight usb-footswitch to use with max/msp using the hi-object.

We modified a wii remote to attach it to the back of one hand. So it’s possible to play with it and have both hands free for objects and the microscope.
We sewed a piece of plastic onto a glove for mountain climbers and clued a strong velcro tape on it. The second half of the tape is glued onto the battery cover of the Wii.