noiseborder + blackhole-factory: FarReach Contact

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An interactive performance using the network of two performance spaces as a delay line.

Connected via audio and video live streaming, the Noiseborder Ensemble in Windsor, Canada (Brent Lee/Saxophone, Trevor Pittman/clarinet, Sundar Subramanian/ guitar, Sigi Torinus/ visuals) and blackhole-factory (Martin Slawig, Elke Utermöhlen, Martin Kroll) in Braunschweig, Germany perform together during the Theater-Outlet Festival in Braunschweig, Germany.

Photos from the performance space in Windsor, Canada:

Photos thanks to Bev Hamilton & Sigi Torinus

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FarReach Contact #2

poster from Braunschweig:

poster from Windsor:

We are continuing our internet collaboration with Canadian’s Noiseborder ensemble. Again we will connect two physical performance spaces.
The performances will be on friday, september 18 at
1. Lambton Tower, Studio A, Windsor, Canada, local time 4 pm.
2. Festival Theater-Outlet, former public library, Braunschweig, Germany, local time 10 pm.

Restmetall preparations

we will doing some ‘restmetall’ performances in the next months (FILE/Sao Paulo, Ostrava/Czech Rep, Mannheim + Braunschweig/Germany), so we are starting prepairing new material.
We built a usb-footswitch based on the BU0836 joystick controller Everything you need to know about it is documented on their website.

Additional material: a piece of aluminium profile, 4 stompbox switches, a piece of garten hose, hot glue and minimum of soldering
This gives us a really lightweight usb-footswitch to use with max/msp using the hi-object.

We modified a wii remote to attach it to the back of one hand. So it’s possible to play with it and have both hands free for objects and the microscope.
We sewed a piece of plastic onto a glove for mountain climbers and clued a strong velcro tape on it. The second half of the tape is glued onto the battery cover of the Wii.


Noiseborder meets blackhole-factory

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Photo: Sigi Torinus

January 29, 2009 – The Canadian Ensemble Noiseborder performed at the University of Windsor. Connected via audio and video live streaming, Martin Slawig played with them – from the blackhole-factory studio in Braunschweig, Germany. The sound of the acoustic instruments was streamed to Braunschweig, Martin transformed it by a live processing software (MAX/MSP) and streamed it back into the concert hall. The musicians in Canada then played together with the incoming sounds. All of them had to deal with an 11 seconds delay.
Live visuals by Sigi Torinus.

Photo: Sigi Torinus
Photo: blackhole-factory
Photo: Sigi Torinus
Photo: Sigi Torinus