collaborations January/ February 2009

2009 starts with two collaborative projects.
For January 29 we are preparing a concert with the Canadian Ensemble Noiseborder and Sigi Torinus. It will be an internet collaboration. Sound and visuals will be exchanged via internet, they playing in Windsor, Ontario, and blackhole-factory playing at the Hauptbahnhof studio.

In February David Bickerstaff ( will be with us in Braunschweig, filming Theater im Glashaus with their latest piece “Von Sinnen 1”, a work about listening. The resulting short film will be released in autumn 2009.

Ludwikovice Klodzkie July 2008

On our way to Sanok, where we worked on the Sanok-Songlines project, we stopped in Ludwikovice Klodzkie to pick up our partner for that work, Lukasz Szalankiewicz. He stayed there together with our friend David Bickerstaff, artist/ film maker from London UK, to prepare a project based on the ruins of some Nazi factorys in the woods of the region.
We had the chance to spend a day with David walking through the forest and exploring ruins, bunkers and deserted factory grounds. Spooky ambience.
You can see more photos of it at our Flickr album