Here we are documenting the work-in-progress of the A.O.S.C. project agents of synchronicity.

The space:

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The music:

short snippets of the music generated by the live data stream coming from the 5 agents:

The 3-d printer in our performance space is controlled by the live data stream coming from the A.O.S.C. agents in Sydney, Victoria, Lviv, Berlin and Braunschweig. These are some of the objects beeing produced during the first series of performances

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Mapping the data stream coming from the agents in Berlin and Sydney to our A.O.S.C.-Synthesiser in Braunschweig

The agents are calling agent04 who is still held by the Brazilian customs.
The live data stream of the agents playing the A.O.S.C.-Synthesiser in pentatonic tuning: